Tutorial: A00-Deprecations

Deprecated syntax

if you get one of the following errors

/!\  EurecaServer syntax is deprecated
/!\  EurecaClient syntax is deprecated

it means that you are using a deprecated.

Eureca.io v0.6.4 harmonized syntax across nodejs and browser javascript.

your old code which look like this

var EurecaServer = require('eureca.io').EurecaServer;
var eurecaServer = new EurecaServer();
var EurecaClient = require('eureca.io').EurecaClient;
var eurecaClient = new EurecaClient();

should be modified to this

var Eureca = require('eureca.io');
var eurecaServer = new Eureca.Server();
var Eureca = require('eureca.io');
var eurecaClient = new Eureca.Client();